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Our Centre Philosophy

We at Joyful Learning ELC value early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning. We believe that each child is a unique individual. The welfare and wellbeing of each child are paramount. We strive to provide a safe, secure, nurturing, loving and home-like environment, where children can be happy, healthy and relaxed, can develop across all developmental domains and can reach their fullest potential.

We value every child is a competent and capable learner who is curious about the world around them, and we believe that children learn through play and exploration and it is vital for the children to be connected with the community. We believe that a powerful interaction (between educators and children) creates the optimal condition for extending their learning. Our educators nurture a positive relationship with children. We embrace the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and Victoria Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) that guide our focus and ensure we look at each child as a whole. We aim to provide an interest-based, inclusive, quality and flexible program with natural resources, which stimulates wonder, encourage creativity and exploration. We encourage children to be confident and involved learners and support them to develop all their senses through “hands-on” play with a variety of open-ended activities. We believe that children’s wellbeing can be affected by all their experiences within and outside of their early childhood setting, hence we strive to provide warm, trusting relationships, predictable and safe environments, affirmation and respect for all aspects of their physical, emotional, social, cognitive, linguistic, creative and spiritual being. The children are encouraged to participate in enrichment classes focusing on music, health and sustainability.

We believe that families are children’s first and most influential teachers. Children and their families are the core of our wider community, which we bring together as we encourage them to share their culture, language and home experiences with us based on honest, open communication and mutual respect. Families are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the program and share in decision making, with not only their children but the overall ways in which the centre operates.

Educators at our centre are dedicated professionals and have obtained formal qualifications in the field of early childhood. We ensure all the educators completed the child protection training and renew it in a timely manner. The centre encourages and supports our educators consistently developing and refining their professional practices, attending professional training on the Centre Support platform regularly to develop the best possible environment for children.