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Children’s Healthy food habits are being developed in the early years. Most of them have formed lifelong eating patterns by school age. Our centre has a responsibility for the nutrition of children in our care.

Our educators will guide children towards healthy food habits, which will help them maintain a healthy weight and good health in the long term. We will take the following step to reach this goal:

  • Our facility is classified as Class 1 under the Victorian Food Act legislation. We adhere to our food safety program that is site-specific for food safety handling practices from food purchasing, receiving, storage, preparation, cooking and serving to our children
  • Ensure our food is consistent with the Governments Australia Dietary Guidelines 2013 and infant feeding Guidelines. (website
  • Menus are designed by our qualified Chef, that are nutritious and take into account each child’s likes, dislikes, culture, and religion as well as allergen. Families will be reminded to update this information regularly or when necessary.
  • All meals are freshly prepared on-site using quality food and ingredients.
  • Promoting healthy eating activities through our curriculum, e.g. children cooking and gardening classes that encourage children to learn healthy food and nutrition, planting, growing, picking vegetables in our nature garden and cooking with healthy foods.
  • promoting hygiene and independence practices through our daily routine, such as:
    • washing hands at arrival/departure, before/after the meal, before/after playing play dough, after toilet/wiping their face/nose, after outside play.
    • Our educators model and reinforce healthy eating habits and food options wit children during eating times.
    • Our educators encourage toddlers and young children to develop their sense of agency by feeding themselves independently and developing their social skills at meal times in a relaxing environment.
  • Our centre is a nuts free centre.
  • We feed babies individually according to their routines.

Our Centre provides:

  • Breakfast
  • Morning Tea
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon Tea
  • Late Snacks

Weekly menus are displayed in each room and the foyer. We encourage and welcome the family’s input and feedback.

Water is available to all children at all times throughout the day.