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- our centre updates

In our Nursery, children are provided with a safe, caring home-like indoor and out door environment with age-appropriate equipment, where your child can:

  • Be supervised at all times by our qualified educators who have a lot of experiences of caring for babies and young toddlers. Our educators are engaged in your child playing and interacting by following their interests and using appropriate language and gestures to create a joyful interaction environment.
  • Learn to crawl, roll, sit, stand and walk on his/her own and interact with sensory variety resources.
  • Relax, explore books and complete puzzles with our educators
  • Explore different materials by using their fine motor skills + exploring their sensors in our art corner
  • engage in variety well-planned activities that are base on our observation of each child’s likes, dislikes, culture, strength, development needs, and parent’s input.
  • Follow his/her routine, have a good rest in our quiet and separate cot room with breathing monitors.

You can access information on your child’s daily routines, learning program and progress at any time via our KidsXap app. You are welcome to talk to us if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about our centre practice and your child via various communication ways, such as on the Kidsxap, our website, email, telephone, or talking to us at any time. We will quickly respond to your requirements.